Art students participate in Lynnfield Art in Bloom

LHS Art students Sydney, Annika and Maddy participated in the town’s Art in Bloom Exhibition at the Lynnfield public library this year. Thank you to Mrs. Cullen for her coordination of the event and for passing along this great video that showcases all of the art and flower arrangements from the evening. It is interesting to see how each art piece was interpreted visually with flowers.

Fauvist Self Portraits

We just finished up Fauvist Self Portraits with soft pastel and pastel pencils in Advanced Drawing Intensive. Students had to portray themselves with an exaggerated expression and a non-realistic color palette, inspired by French Fauvism and German Expressionism of the early 1900s. Marianne’s artwork is pictured below; click here to see all of the student solutions and learn more about this project.

LHS Photo Challenge

The Art Department is running a fundraiser for two excellent causes and we would love for all students and staff to be involved by submitting a photograph; it’s easy and will only take a minute! Here are the details:
Click here to access a PDF: LHSphotochallenge2016
Stop by the Art room or Photography Room if you have any questions. Thanks for helping out with this project…we appreciate your support!