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Please click here to access directions for making your online portfolio.

2015-2016 Art Portfolio Websites:
Gabbie M
Gabby D
Chris B
Chris R


I recommend gathering all of your pieces and taking all of your photographs at one time. Don’t wait until the last minute! I am happy to look at your presentation before the due date and give you feedback. When you photograph sculpture, use a uniform background such as a large sheet of black paper in the art room.

Remember to choose a fairly neutral/ non-distracting background and text for your blog so it does not take away from your art.

“Art” page– This page is for your long term projects. Write the name of each assignment. Post an excellent quality photo of your finished project (cropped and color-adjusted) and beneath the photo type the dimensions and materials used (example: 18″ x 24″ charcoal drawing)

“Sketchbook” page– This page is for sketchbook entries and any other sketches, experiments and smaller projects. Include an excellent quality photo of each sketchbook entry (cropped and color- adjusted).

“Links” page– Put links to the blogs of each of your classmates,, three art museums and three websites of artists that you like (this can be the website of a living artist or a website that describes the work of an artist from history etc…)


Your grade will be based on:

  • Inclusion of all required information
  • Design of blog (information is logically organized, non-distracting background, fonts that are easy to read etc…)
  • Visual Cohesiveness of presentation (Consistency/ Uniformity)
  • Quality of photographs and written explanations
  • On -time completion

 How to adjust color/ brightness in Adobe Photoshop:

Open photoshop on the computer. Press “file”>”open” to open your photo in photoshop. Press “Image”> “Adjustments”>”Autolevels” to adjust the contrast and brightness automatically….alternatively you can adjust each individually using the “adjustments” drop-down menu. To crop a phot, make sure the crop tool on the left-hand sidebar is highlighted. Click on your photo and drag to make a rectangle over your photo. Adjust the size and placement of the cropped area…when it looks like what you want, press the crop tool in the left-hand menu bar and then hit “crop” on the pop-up menu.

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