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Art Journal Assignments

Sketchbooks are always due on Tuesdays. If class doesn’t meet on Tuesday, it will be due on Wednesday. Assignments should take 1-3 hours. You can use any material(s) you like unless specified otherwise. At the end of the quarter your sketchbook will be worth one project grade. Have fun with this!

****For all of your sketchbook assignments you should create an interesting composition. Here are some hints to help you:

A. Not dead center!! Put objects off-center.
B. Vary the size (Making something larger creates an area of emphasis)
C. Put some objects partially off the page.
D. Overlap objects to create depth.

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1. Intricate Design- Cover an entire page of your sketchbook with an intricate design. Fill the entire page. Use pen or ink- no pencil.

2.The Color Yellow- Document all of your interactions with things that are yellow this week. Depict it visually using drawing, painting, collage, photographs or a combination. (Double page spread)

3. Make a drawing that is completely impossible.

4. Self Portrait

5. Draw the causes of stress in your life

6. A Social Issue- Find a newspaper article about a current social issue. Glue the article into your sketchbook and use it to inspire this weeks entry. (You can draw on top of it if you like.) (Double page spread)

7. Draw the interior of your room

8. Do a contour line drawing of three things in your kitchen (from observation)

9. Go back over your previous journal entries- re-work or redo one of your journal entries.

10. Free choice

11. Thanksgiving- Draw Thanksgiving dinner from the Turkey’s point of view.

12. Painting Through the Years-
In your sketchbook, define in writing the four painting movements : Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism and Fauvism. Be sure to include who, what, where, when, why and how for each. Print out a picture of an example of a painting for each movement (done by a famous artist) and attach it to the page. Underneath each of the four pictures, write the title of the painting, the artist’s name and the year it was painted.

13. Create a map that shows how it feels to go from your doorstep to this classroom. Don’t simply create an ordinary map that shows how to get from point “a” to point “b” – focus more on the sights, sounds, smells, and other tactile and emotional facets of your daily trip to art. Fill the page.

14. The word “and”- Figure out 12 (or more) different ways to write the word “and”. Feel free to explore different methods of mark-making, different languages, and any other way to communicate the idea. Remember to make your words more than a mere list by using drawing, collage, and/or digital media to provide visual information. Fill the page.

15. Mechanism- Do a drawing of an interesting mechanism. Fill the entire page.
mech·a·nism  noun.
1. A machine or mechanical appliance.
2. The arrangement of connected parts in a machine.
3. A system of parts that operate or interact like those of a machine

16. Metamorphosis- In Franz Kafka’s story The metamorphosis, the main character wakes up one morning to find he’s turned into a cockroach. Draw yourself metamorphosing into the thing you would most hate to be.

17. Magic potion; Drawing from imagination- There are 2 magic potions on the table; one will make you shrink, the other expand. Show what happens when you take one of them. Fill the page.

18. Extreme Close-up- Draw a close-up of your reflection in a spoon. Fill the page!

19. Stranger- Find a photo of a person you do not know. Glue it into your sketchbook. Write a brief bio about them. Fill the rest of the page with art. Have fun with this!

20. Experimenting With Layers- Cover an entire page in paints. Let it dry and then add a layer of collage to some parts of the page. Next add a layer of writing and drawing. Finish with a fourth layer of charcoal, paints, color pencils or pastels in some places.

21. Evidence- Prove to me that you exist. Gather relics of your daily life and use them to create a collage or catalogue them and file them in your journal in little bags or envelopes. Use a double-page spread for this project. Look at the work of artist Candy Jernigan for inspiration. See teacher for a handout about the artist if you like.

22. Comic Strip- Make a comic strip about some aspect of your life at LHS or your life as a teenager.

23. Five- On a double page spread, incorporate the following into an interesting composition: Glue five pieces of found paper into your journal….Make tracings of five stains or splotches you find….. Record five conversations (or parts of conversations) you overhear….. Draw five patterns you observe in your house or at school.

24. Art at The MFA- Go to the website of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Print out a picture of the painting called “Daughters of Edward Darley Boit and glue it into your journal. Label the painting along with the artist and year. Research the painting and write a brief description of the artist and the painting. Now do the same thing for one other piece of art from the MFA’s collection that interests you.

25. Graphic Design- Design the cover of a book; it can be a real book or one that you invent. Fill the page.

26. Dream- Make an image that illustrates a dream you had recently.

27. Free Choice

28. Homage to a Famous Artist- Make an art work that honors a famous artist of your choice. Fill the page.

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