“Everyday” Theme

For this project we will focus on the mundane–objects and places that we see or pass everyday but perhaps don’t pay much attention to. Is there a corner of your bedroom or kitchen that you have never considered drawing but could make an interesting composition? Maybe the contents of a junk drawer or the interior of your bathroom. It could be your school lunch or the view from the back of your family car that you see everyday on your way to practice…
For this project we will use an “everyday” material–ballpoint pen. Or you could use india ink on a brown paper bag or corrugated cardboard. If you have other ideas for materials, feel free to run it by me.

Examples from The MFA Boston:

Follow Art Room Online’s board ball point pen drawings on Pinterest.

Student Solutions 2015:



nov9.2015 009
nov9.2015 010 nov9.2015 011 nov9.2015 012 nov9.2015 013 nov9.2015 015

TOMMY KANE is an artist in Brooklyn New York who spends a ton of time drawing buildings, scenes and people everywhere he goes–usually in his sketchbooks. He also does quite a bit of international travel and records what he experiences during trips as well.

Tommy Kane Draws Red Hook Brooklyn from Urban Sketchers on Vimeo.

Tommy Kane Draws Hong Kong from Tommy Kane on Vimeo.

My Trip Through Burma from Tommy Kane on Vimeo.

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