“Navigation” Theme

For this project, you will explore the idea of navigation. You may interpret this in traditional ways or in very broad terms. Think about what interests you. What fascinates you? What are you passionate about? There are many ways you could interpret navigation, such as:
– Mapping/Travel
– A place or places you have been to or want to go to
– Navigating a challenge or problem in your life
– Navigating a relationship with a family member or friend
– Refugee Migration in the current news
– The experience of navigating a new culture for this year’s exchange students at LHS
– Navigating the college application process
– The immigration path of your ancestors/relatives
– Navigating through architecture/landscapes/cityscapes/space
– Lynnfield/Northshore/Massachusetts/USA/Other countries/World
– Historical perspectives
– Navigating through your home/the mess of your bedroom/getting your driver’s license etc..
– Other ideas you may have
– – – – – – –

To view the handout for this project please click here

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