Designer Fridays

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Fridays are for design challenges in your sketchbook. This is a chance for you to explore various aspects of design careers and show off your creativity. The material choice is up to you–pencil, marker, collage or whatever else best gets your design ideas across to the viewer. You can go back and refine your designs over the course of the quarter.  At the end of each quarter your Designer Friday projects will be combined to form one project grade. This site and this site have more information on design careers if you would like to learn more.

Click here to see superb examples of graphic design sketchbooks from The Student Art Guide.

PRODUCT DESIGN: Invent a new school supply and design an ad for it
Start by brainstorming the issues or challenges of school. Choose one of the problems to solve by designing a new school supply. Your ad should have a title, a catchy subtitle and an image of the product.

FASHION DESIGN: Design a t-shirt
Choose a category from this site and design a t-shirt. Bonus: Submit it online and see if they decide to print your design.

SHOE DESIGN: Design a pair of shoes for VANS
Each pair must be customized to represent one of four themes: Action Sports (Defined as boards and bikes, not stick and ball!) Music, Art, or Local Flavor (Inspired by your surrounding community, city or state). ONE THEME PER PAIR! Click here for directions. Click here for the templates. Bonus: Enter the contest!

TATTOO DESIGN: Design a tattoo for yourself
The tattoo must be for your face, make use of positive/negative space and must have personal symbolism. Reference the information on Maori Ta Moko tattoos from New Zealand before you start by clicking here.

MAP DESIGN: Design a map of your path from home to school everyday 
This is a nontraditional map! Focus not only on the route, but the sights, sounds and smells along the way.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Design the interior of the new local teen center in your town. 
What would make teenagers want to spend time there?

PACKAGING DESIGN: Design packaging for something that can’t be packaged.
Examples include “accomplishment”, “self worth”, “happiness” etc…Include the product name, a catchy tagline and other details of your choice such as price tag, barcode etc…

SET DESIGN: Design a theater set for a new musical adapted from your favorite book

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Design a billboard aimed at teenagers to deter bullying…. Click here to see an offbook video that explains more about graphic design. Click here to see an offbook video that explores bullying, trolling & free speech

TYPE DESIGN: Design a custom alphabet for a famous historical figure 
Examples of historical figures might include Rosa Parks, Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Ghengis Khan, Abe Lincoln, Marie Curie or others. Click here to watch an offbook video about type.

BOOK JACKET DESIGN: Design the front and back cover as well as the spine
Research famed book designer Chip Kidd before you begin. Include title, Author, image and text.

APP DESIGN: Create an app that prevents texting while driving Read this before starting:

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Create a portable house for emergency situations and natural disasters such as international displaced refugees of war, or victims of Hurricane Katrina or the Great Japan Earthquake. Check out this TED video of world-renowned architect Shigeru Ban who has made emergency shelters out of *paper*

TOY DESIGN: Design a new toy for children

FURNITURE DESIGN: Design apiece of furniture. Consider the function as well as the visual aspect.

WEBSITE DESIGN:Watch this Offbook video on website design. Design a new website for the topic of your choice or redesign a website that already exists.

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