Logo Design

For this project your task is to design a logo for yourself. You must use a minimum of one initial and one image that represents your life. Your design will be in only black and white using Sharpie and white paper. Using negative space is a very effective way to make your logo interesting. You will then turn your logo design into a linocut and print it in different colors.

illustr8ed logo design process from Modisana Hlomuka on Vimeo.

W E B     L I N K S

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Mohawk Logo and brand design http://www.commarts.com/exhibit/mohawk-logo-brand-design.html

brendanMy logo design is my last name “Bey”, but bey can be read from the left side and the right side. The logo is “BEYEB” the y is hidden in the middle of the logo and is created by the two “E”s. In the B there are lines to make it look like there’s a basketball because I like to play basketball. – Brendan
fernandoI made my logo design with the first letter of my name, “F”, and tried to mix that with a globe showing South America, the place I come from. The “F” is in a circular shape, following the contour the globe. – Fernando
jaylinI based my logo design on the first initial of my first name “J” and a field hockey stick. I have been playing field hockey since fifth grade. The “J” or field hockey stick is re-drawn at five different angles in the form of a circle. A sand dollar is created representing that fact that I enjoy taking trips to the beach. – Jaylin
lilaI based my logo design on my initials “L” and “A” and a music note since I have played the guitar for 5 years. By looking closely at the positioning, the letters ate actually the shape of a music note. – Lila
tomI based my logo of of my initials “T” and “P”. If you look at the top if the “T” it is a baseball bat because I play baseball. Also if you look between the T and the P there is a number 1 and to the right of the P there is a upside down 5. I put in the number 15 because that is the number of my New Hampshire house and I like to go there. – Tom


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