Tattoo Design

For this project we will look at the tradition of tattoo of the Maori people of New Zealand. You will then create three of your own designs based on your various life experiences. We will focus on personal symbolism, a balance of positive and negative space as well as craftsmanship.


Online Resources for Ta Moko from the Te Papa Museum

Body Politics; Maori Tattoo Today from the Peabody Essex Museum

Coming soon: Video about Ta Moko from New Zealand’s Te Papa Museum
MARK STORM (an artist in Holland) draws tattoo designs inspired by Maori and Polynesian designs. Click here to visit his website and watch his drawing demonstration videos.
This video shows how to draw a sphere with colored pencils on black paper:

This video shows how realistic drawings can be done with white color pencil on black paper:

Here are examples of colored pencil on black paper that are both realistic and abstract designs:
color pencil blk paper4

colorpecil blk paper 7

color pencil blk paper5

color pencil blk paper3

color pencil blk paper2

color pencil blk paper

color pencil black paper6

color pencil black paper5

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