Recycle Project

“Trash is a failure of the imagination!” – Aaron Kramer
Here is the slide show for the Recycled Art Project:

View more presentations from ljohnson60.

The name of this project comes from an artist named Aaron Kramer who lives and works in Venice, California. He has been making work from re-purposed and new materials since the early ‘90’s and his motto is “Trash is a failure of the imagination”.

For this project, students had the task of making a piece of art out of materials that would otherwise be thrown out or recycled.

In 2010 there was an exhibit on display at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem called “Trash Menagerie” which showcased the work of artists who make art out of materials that are usually tossed into the trash without a second thought.

More Inspiration! Here’s the trailer for the Movie WASTE LAND which profiles artist Vic Muniz, who assembles portraits using trash and then photographs them:

WASTE LAND Official Trailer from Almega Projects on Vimeo.

And to balance out your impression of Rio, here is a video travel blog of Rio made by Marko Roth

The Story of Stuff: A short Video by Annie Leonard about consumerism and the effects of it in our society.<br>


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