Portrait Exchange With China

We are very excited to be doing another portrait exchange with our fellow high school art students at The International School of Beijing this year. We completed our self portraits first so that our skills would improve before working on the exchange portraits.

This project first started during the Fall of 2012. Students in Basic Drawing worked on a portrait exchange project with an Art 1 class at The International School of Beijing in China (ISB). We exchanged photos by email and made drawings of our fellow art students in China.  Here are our finished portraits on display in the Art Wing of The International School of Beijing:
















And here are our portraits drawn by Beijing students on display in our Art hallway at Lynnfield High:


















Click here to see Ms. Farrell’s website for her Foundation Art classes at ISB. Below is some wonderful inspiration and resources that she provided to her students for portraits.

Click here for an online tutorial for drawing portraits

Portrait Demo from DannyGregory

Here are the finished portraits of Lynnfield students by ISB students. They did a great job!
Here are the portraits of Beijing students done by LHS students in Basic Drawing:

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