We look forward to making your yearbook the best one yet! All of the information Seniors and Senior parents need is located on this page.
***The yearbook email for the Class of 2016 is***
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Attention all parents of Seniors- would you like to give a shout out to your graduate in their yearbook and show them how much they mean to you? You can design a personal message and add your photos at Ad Sales are our primary fundraiser for the yearbook so we appreciate your support! The deadline to order is Tuesday, February 16. Prices are: Full Page$350.00, 1/2 Page$225.00, 1/4 Page$125.00, 1/8 Page$75.00

We are grateful to our local businesses for their support of our Lynnfield yearbook- Thank you for your support! Ads are our primary fundraiser for the yearbook. You can easily and quickly make/order/pay for your ad online at If you prefer to order by email or snail mail, please click HERE to access the paper form.

This is a reminder to make sure you have your Senior Portrait Photos taken **during the summer of your Junior year.** Summer is the perfect time to do it. If you need a photographer, here are companies that LHS students have used with success in the past:
The Priestley’s Fine Art Photography
Lisa Mancuso Photography
Jon LaVerde Photography
Kerry Goodwin Photography
Kristen Zannella Photography
Diana Sechrist Photography Diana Sechrist Senior Portraits

—2016 Yearbook Deadlines at a glance—

**Any photos or text received after the deadlines will not be included in the yearbook. No exceptions**
Senior Portraits: October 1**
Baby Photos: October 1
Then and Now Photos: October 1
Jr. Prom and Snowball Photos: October 1
Senior Bios: November 10
Memories, Superlatives: TBA
Other photos: TBA
**Please notify your photographer of which photo you want by October 1 AT THE LATEST; photographers will then have time to retouch all of the photos and they will submit them directly to us by October 15. If you used a photographer on the list above they will get us your portrait. If you used a different photographer you will need to give them the senior portrait submission information below.

If you used one of the Photographers from the list on this page, they will get us your yearbook portrait (MAKE SURE you let them know which portrait you have chosen in time because they need enough time to edit and retouch everyone’s proofs! If you do not notify them in time they will not have enough time to get your portrait to us!) . If you used another photographer, please email your Senior portrait (jpeg format) as an attachment to Be sure to title the email with your name i.e.”John Doe- Senior Portrait” to ensure it will be filed correctly. Please note that all Senior Portraits will be printed in a *vertical format*.


    1. If you have a digital photo in *jpeg format*, skip to step 2. If you have a paper photo, use a scanner to scan your baby photo and save it as a jpeg. (Scanners can be found at photo desks of CVS, Walmart etc…or in the LHS Media Center). Your baby photo can be anywhere from 1 day old to approx. 3 years old.

Each Senior can submit ONE baby photo. If you need help scanning a paper photo please contact Sydney Nekoroski or Annika Han (before the deadline).

  1. Go to
  2. Find your school, agree to the terms of use, and create a replayit account (not the facebook option, the regular option i.e. type in your name, LHS email address etc…and be sure to write down your login info for future use).
  3. Submit photo and upload
  4. Choose the category called “student life”, then be sure to tag yourself in the photo so we know who you are, then hit submit.
  5. Baby photos must be received by the deadline to be included in the yearbook- no exceptions. If you have questions or need help please ask a yearbook staff member BEFORE the deadline.
  6. Please note that your photo will not show up instantly on it has to be approved by the yearbook company before it shows up (usually within an hour or so). Please do not submit more than one baby photo.


The then and now page of the yearbook is made up of pairs of photos. Let’s say you have a photo of you and two of your friends on the first day of 3rd grade standing on the front steps of your house. You would get those friends and recreate the photo, trying to duplicate the environment, clothing, pose etc….and then submit both the “then “photo and the “now” photo (please upload the two images separately, do not put them in a collage). Each senior will only be pictured once on the the then and now page so please coordinate with your friends. You can see many examples in old yearbooks or below. To submit your “then and now” photos, go to and follow the directions for submitting above, making sure you label them then and now and tag all students. If your photos are not in jpeg format, you will not be able to upload them.
then and now

We need your photos for the Jr. Prom page & Snowball Page. Our goal is to have as many seniors as possible on each page. Each senior will only be on the Snowball page once and the Prom page once, so please coordinate with your friends to submit group photos. To upload your photos please go to and follow the directions above for baby photos but this time tag all students in the photo and label it “jr. prom” or “snowball” etc…

All members of the Senior class are encouraged to submit a Senior Bio for inclusion in the yearbook. You MUST follow the guidelines below and submit it to by the end of the day on November 10th. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. The LHS Yearbook staff reserves the right to edit Senior Bios if the below criteria are not met. You will not be notified of changes. If you fail to meet the deadline, the space next to your name will be blank.

1) Use Google docs or Microsoft Word to type your bio. Do not worry about formatting your bios or choosing fonts/sizes, etc. All bios will be printed in the yearbook as intended by the yearbook staff. DO check for proper grammar and spelling!

2) Use the following format when typing up your bios:
• ***Your entire Bio can be NO MORE than 450 characters ***
• What’s a Character? Characters include ALL, symbols, punctuation AND spaces!
• DO NOT count your name when calculating characters.
• DO count your nickname(s), Activities, Memories and Quote.

If your bio is TOO LONG, the LHS Yearbook staff reserves the right to EDIT and/or CUT part of your memory in order to make it fit. Your bio CANNOT include any inappropriate language, references, slang, etc. (Remember, the yearbook is a public historical document, and your grandparents likely will read your bio! Write something that you will still be proud of a few years from now). The LHS Yearbook staff reserves the right to edit inappropriate bios; you will not be notified of changes.

3) Save your Bio using your last name and first initial and then “senior bio” (i.e. “Doe.J- senior bio”). (don’t forget to proofread and use spell check!)

4.) Bios MUST BE e-mailed to/shared with by the deadline!

Bio Format:
Your Name as You Want it To Appear in the Yearbook
Nickname(s): (you can list up to TWO nicknames ONLY)
Activities: (list your activities and years involved, if desired)
Memories: (list your favorite LHS memories)
Quote: (include a poem, book, song, famous quote. You MUST attribute your quote i.e. tell us who the author is. Unattributed quotes will not be printed.)


Sarah Sample
Nickname: “Sare Bear” “Rosada”
Activities: Habitat, Tennis,Jazz Band
Memories: tennis matches, late night essay work with JC, hanging out with JC, KB and SL, Junior Europe Trip, Kelly’s and team pasta parties. Thank you for everything Mom- Love you. Good luck little sis.
Quote: “We are not always what we see, and hardly ever what we dream.” -Peter S. Beagle

Do you have other photos of you and your friends that would be great for the yearbook? Please upload them to (directions above). The more photos everyone submits, the better yearbook you will have!

Yearbooks can be ordered at . From Sept 1- Dec 1 the yearbook price is $80.00. From Dec 2- March 1 the yearbook price is $90.00…please note that March 1 is also the last day for yearbook personalization (option to add your name embossed on cover, icons and or signature package if you wish). From March 2 until we run out of yearbooks the price is $100.00.





(Please note that no application will be considered until you email Ms. Johnson a link to your 50 photos for the application.)

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION FOR POSITION OF EDITOR(S) IN CHIEF (Please copy the text into a new document and then email or share the completed application to Ms. Johnson.

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