Art Exploration students had a chance to do a free choice project after finishing the watercolor unit. They made a watercolor painting and then doodles all over it with black permanent markers. This is also a fun thing to work on if you have some free time in the art room! It’s easy to do.
Tape your watercolor paper down to a board or piece of cardboard using drafting tape (This will help to keep the paper flat and provides a nice white border at the end. you can also use masking tape…just be sure to stick it on your jeans first to make it less tacky, ensuring it will not rip your project when you remove the tape at the end). Paint with watercolors any way you like…some people prefer to do a quick free-form painting while others do intricate grids and shapes by masking off shapes and remasking new shapes. Keep in mind that the black sharpie shows up differently on light and dark areas. Wait for your painting to dry and then doodle away with your sharpie!