This weekend I attended the 2016 National Art Education Association Conference in Chicago. Art Educators from all over the country (and a few other countries as well) met in Illinois to learn from each other and from leaders in the field of Art Education to share new ideas and best practices.
Some highlights included a “curriculum slam” workshop where contemporary art lesson ideas were shared by Olivia Gude and Patty Bode as well as local Chicago educators doing many interesting things in their classrooms, workshops on Advanced art class ideas, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago to see the blockbuster Van Gogh exhibit as well as an exhibition of Martin Puryear’s work. I was inspired by the many famous works of art in the collection by artists such as Cindy Sherman, Pablo Picasso, Georges Seurat, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Felix Gonzales Torres (just to name a few!) and had the chance to visit the galleries for Islamic Art and for Japanese Art which were both impressive.