One World 

The world and the body are the same,

The world of a lot of countries, 

The body with all its parts,

A little ache somewhere

And then you have a cough

Or even life might stop  

So let’s take care

Of all and one another,

To have peace every where

And a healthy body forever 

This is the world of my dreams.

Written by Zakaria Amraoui (Tiznit, Morocco)

Illustrated By Arianna L. (Lynnfield, USA)

High School students from the city of Tiznit, Morocco collaborated with my high school art students in Lynnfield, MA on a joint poetry and art project. Omar Habbaz, an English teacher I met in Morocco at the Collaborative Art Initiative asked his students to write a piece of poetry in English. My students each received one of these poems and made a piece of art inspired by the written words.